Fat Freezing

How long does a fat freezing treatment take?

Each treatment takes about one hour. We are professionals, and take our time to ensure the treatment is safe and effective. We can treat two areas simultaneously, saving you time.

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Do fat freezing treatments hurt?

During the beginning of the cooling process, you will feel pressure and extreme cold. However, the area soon becomes numb, meaning there is no sensation at all. Many of our clients read, check their email, or watch videos on their phone during their treatment.

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Is fat freezing safe?

Yes. When it comes to fat freezing, Sydney locals trust us to deliver non-invasive treatments that do not penetrate the skin. There is no risk of complications or infections.

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Where does the fat go after the treatment?

Crystallised fat cells are broken down naturally by your body. They then pass through the lymphatic system and then the liver, before they are eliminated as waste.

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Are fat freezing results permanent?

Yes. Once your fat cells are killed, crystallised, and eliminated from your body, they are gone for good. If you maintain your current weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can enjoy the results for years and years to come.

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Does fat freezing actually work?

Yes. Fat freezing has been clinically proven to permanently remove between 20 and 30 per-cent of fat cells after one treatment. However, we do recommend 3-4 treatments to see long-lasting results.

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