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Pigmentation Removal

Achieve clearer skin with our pigmentation removal service.

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Pigmentation Removal

At Laser Sydney Laser Pigment Reduction is achieved with the use of our Candela GentleLASE Class 4 Medical Grade Alexandrite 755nm Laser. The GentleLASE is the most advanced, FDA & TGA approved laser in the world for providing safe and effective treatments. Laser pigmentation removal works by using an intense burst of light to target the pigmented lesions causing the selective healing of the upper dermis. The pigment can be precisely targeted without causing any damage to surrounding tissue or overlying dermis. After each laser treatment, a gentle wound healing response leads to new collagen formation and a clinical improvement to the treated area over time. The pigmentation/sun spot will gradually lighten and fade, slowly disappearing. Initially the treated area may seem darker and flaking is common.

GentleLASE Pro® from Syneron-Candela, USA is the premier laser for removing hair, pigmented lesions, veins and wrinkles. When treating pigmentation we are only able to perform treatments on skin types 1-3 (Fair skin types).

The Candela laser is designed to treat superficial brown spots and is also effective in removing other brown marks like café au lait patches, Nevus of Ito, Nevus of Ota, freckles and flat pigmented moles. A few kinds of pigmentation (in particular melasma) do not improve in response to this form of laser treatment.

Melanin is what gives our skin its colour. Pigmented lesions are dark in colour simply because melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area of the skin. High concentrations of melanin can be due to various factors. Some types are present at birth, but most occur with age or as a result of overexposure to the sun’s damaging rays.

Lentigines or age spots are premature ageing brown marks, which appear on the backs of hands and the face. Sunburn freckles are the result of sun damage and occur on the back, upper chest and shoulders. Most are harmless but all are ageing and may be unattractive. Cafe au lait, Nevus of Ota, Mongolian spots and other flat pigmented birthmarks are localized areas of increased pigmentation in the skin, which are present at birth. Although most brown spots are easily ignored, many are quite conspicuous and can detract from your skin’s natural beauty.

Pigmentation Removal Prices

Treatment Price
Full Face Pigmentation removal (added bonus of anti-ageing results) $250
Half Face Pigmentation removal (added bonus of anti-ageing results) $125
Spot Treatment (depending on how many spots) $50 – $80
Decolletage and Neck $300
Back of Hands $100

Other body parts would require a customised quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions should I take? 2017-11-05T11:36:18+00:00

Skin should be clean (preferably hair free) and thoroughly cleansed before laser treatment. It is important not to expose the intended treatment area to sunlight or tanning booth light prior to or immediately after treatment. Any spray tan must be scrubbed off prior to treatment.

How long do treatments take, and how many treatments will I require? 2017-11-05T11:35:45+00:00

Treatment times may vary depending on your specific needs usually up to an hour. The number of treatments required will be based on your body area and skin tone and how deep the pigmentation has gone into the dermis layer of the skin.

Can all skin types be safely treated? 2017-11-05T11:34:44+00:00

Unfortunately due to the wavelength and technique used with the GentleLase Pro system it is highly attracted to pigment in the skin therefore it will only be suitable for skin types 1-3 which are your very fair skin types.

What are the treatments like? 2017-11-05T11:33:33+00:00

The secret lies in the laser technology that delivers an intense, but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted area with proven and effective results.

What to expect from the treatment? 2017-11-05T11:32:08+00:00

Most clients report a 70% or greater improvement over the duration of their course of treatments for pigmentation removal. Superficial pigment (i.e. sun spots freckles etc.) are the easiest to treat. A satisfactory result is usually seen within 2- 3 treatments. Pigment that is deep or dermal can take up to 6 treatments or more and a strict skin care regime must be followed. Superficial pigment that is treated is unlikely to reappear if the area is protected at all times from UV exposure. Dermal pigment can arise at any time due to hormone changes, medications, medical conditions etc.


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