iRestore Hair Growth System

Invest in your hair. You wear it every day.

iRestore Professional

$1599.00 $1370.00

Our newest model — it’s like the Essential but enhanced with extended scalp coverage for thinning temples, sides, and lower crown.

Meet the most advanced, home-use laser device.

You asked, and we delivered. The iRestore Pro’s revolutionary design provides extended coverage to reach the sides and back of your scalp in order to treat the hairline, temples, and lower crown.

It’s hard to imagine an easier, safer, and more comfortable way to regrow hair while watching your favorite sports or catching up on Netflix.

Rechargeable Battery Pack for iRestore Laser Device


Power up and roam free

We get it. You’re busy. No one wants to be stuck in one place and forced to put their lives on pause. This accessory allows you to conveniently power up and get freedom of movement while regrowing your hair.

A favourite among users, you can use the Professional and the Essential while roaming free. You will no longer need to be positioned near a wall outlet to use the iRestore. One full charge will last about two weeks, so recharging after each use isn’t necessary.

*Note* this battery is compatible with any Essential purchased after April 2022.

How does low-level light therapy work?

Advanced ventilated design

Constructed with a ventilated pattern to allow airflow and breathability so your head can stay cool and comfortable.

Safety tested & durable

Sturdy, yet lightweight. All units go through the same rigorous quality inspection before it reaches your home.

Designed for optimal comfort

The only brand to install medical-grade foam pads that lightly hug your head—you’ll forget that it’s even on.